Talk to your FAMILY Here


What are you thinking about WILLIAMS-WILKINSON FAMILY REUNION?  Let’s talk about it!  Type your comments on this page and who knows which FAMILY members will also comment.  We really want to know what you think about the FAMILY reunion.  What are you  looking forward to doing?  Who are you looking forward to seeing?


11 thoughts on “Talk to your FAMILY Here

  1. Hey everyone! This last year and a half has been challenging for me in so many ways. But I have charged it and am looking forward to seeing you all in just a few week. God will supply that which is need to take care of everything. I can not wait to see you all. I will try to bring as many of the photos that I can from past reunions, download to my computer. Yes I am willing to share. Have your electronic ready and we can slide photos back and forth. I am especially looking forward to our group activities and an evening of Jazz. I am planning to go to one of the local free jazz concerts tomorrow. I love you all and can’t wait to see you.

    1. Hi L.T. The website has been updated. Please visit back frequently. The major airlines servicing AEX (Alexandria International Airport) are: American, Delta and United. Their links have been added to the 2018 Family Reunion menu options on this site for your convenience. Please follow them to find out which airline would offer the best service from your flight origin-city to Alexandria per schedule and costs.

  2. Hello everyone I just found out information on the reunion and trying to connect the dots on family connections. Earl Tompkins is my Grandfather. Thanks Angela Harkey__Oklahoma City

  3. Hey all still trying to figure some things out…Valley Wilkinson Jr. was my grandpa and Valley Wilkinson Sr was my great grandpa my mom is 50 years old and has never met her Father her grandfather or their side of the family at all any one with some information on this side of the family can you please contact me via Email ?

    1. My Great Uncle was Valley Wilkinson. He lived in Southern California. Are we talking about the same Valley Wilkinson? He had a son named Valley Wayne Wilkinson whose nickname was “Butch”. I will send you a private email later today.

      1. Yes we are talking about the same person he was Valley Sr and his Son is Valley Jr I don’t know the nick name but Valley Wayne Wilkinson Jr is my moms father she has never met him died when she was 8 years old I believe I do know Valley Sr has a wife name Grace which is my great grand mother anybody is welcome to add me on Facebook As well I want to get to know this side of my family

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